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Never Enough Wool


November 2018

Will it ever stop raining? Do we need to build an ark?  Will the ark hold animals or wool?  These are important questions that we are asking each other these days.  Of course, if the rain stops we will probably be getting snow.  Aside from Carol, most folks don't enjoy the snow either.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for *THAT* upcoming holiday.  We have gift ideas for both the knitter and the recipient.  Even better, more ideas are coming every day!  Just ask!  If you are the knitter, leave us a list of things you might like and we can be sure to assist your loved ones in selecting just the right gift.

Let's talk about what's new at the shop.  We have received two new colours of Amitola Grande from Louisa Harding.  These colours have both Barb and Carol itching to start new projects! They mix and match with both the Trenzar and Pitturissimo beautifully.  Of course, we do have patterns!

 Another new arrival at the shop James C. Brett Mega Multi, a super chunky acrylic with mixed colours.  The suggested needle size is 10 mm, so you know this will be a very fast project.  Carol made a blanket buddy for the store doll -- two balls of wool, some fiber-fill and one evening.

To help chase away the late autumn chill, we have Chinchilla by James C. Brett.  66 m of furry bliss that knits up hats, scarves, vests and most importantly, teddy bears.  If your day needs lifting up, this is the yarn to pet!

Still making socks?  We have two colours of Gedifra Lana Mia.  If you like purple, we have you covered!  There is also a brown blend for the manly crowd.

Do you remember the Knitter's Pot Luck dinners we had several years ago?  Our friend Jean-Marie has offered to host a pot-luck dinner at her house!  Yay!  Good food, great friendship and lots of knitting time!  The date is Sunday November 25th.  Arrivals begin at 12:30 pm and we plan to eat at 1:00.  The afternoon may be spent visiting, knitting and crocheting.  Please bring a dish to share, your table service and a folding chair (if you have one!).  Don't forget your latest project!

  Looking ahead to 2019, we are very excited to announce our 2019 SOCK CHALLENGE.  "What is this?" you ask.  Each month in 2019, we will be knitting a pair of socks.  We will announce the theme of the month approximately 10 days ahead so you have time to acquire the necessary patterns.  For instance, one month we will ask for a lace sock; all  you have to do is find a lace sock pattern that YOU like and make the pair.  Every month there will be a prize drawn from the folks who have completed the specified pair and sent in a picture.  (This means that our knitters who live far away may still participate!)  At the end of the year, we will have another prize drawn from the folks who completed all 12 pairs of socks!  This means we will be giving away 13 prizes next year!

What are we working on these days?  Barb is knitting diligently on her A Canadian Afghan and a lovely vest knitted in the Gala wool.  Carol has the ever-present socks in her bag.  What are you working on?

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!


We attempt to keep our class fees at the lowest possible rates.  In order to do so, we ask that our students purchase their supplies here at the shop.  In addition, we offer class discounts to our students.  Please note that if you are not able to finish your project in the allotted time, you are welcome to continue attending the lesson times until you are finished.  

You must register for your class before class time.  Class times are generally Tuesday afternoon from 1-3:00 pm and Tuesday evening 7-9:00 pm.  Other times may be arranged to suit, but we will strive to hold classes primarily on Tuesdays.   Drop-in knitters are always welcome, space allowing.

Crochet-AlongHave you fallen in love with Carol's Lilliana?  Barb is still crocheting along on her version, and it is beautiful.  Several ladies are also working along with her, and we can honestly say that there is not a single colourway we don't love.  Friday's are designated as "Crochet Day", so don't be shy.

Knit-ALong –  A Canadian Afghan Eh! -- As a fitting end to Canada's 150th birthday year, we have decided to knit this beautiful afghan.  Constructed as blocks which are later sewn together and then encircled with a maple leaf border, this is the perfect "cottage" blanket.  It will require 4600m of worsted weight yarn.  One of our knitters has finished three blocks already!  Barb is working on the centre square, the Mountie, and enjoying herself thoroughly.

November  --  Socks, glorious socks  --  Barb and Carol cannot stop talking about how wonderful hand-knit socks are.  In an effort to convert the world to the joy of hand-knit socks, we offer sock classes pretty much once a year, and November is it.  Cost is $25 plus materials of approximately $25.

December  --  Still working on those holiday gifts?  Need to escape the hub-bub at the mall?  Drop by on Tuesday evening.  There is no scheduled class, so take the opportunity to knit or crochet those last minute gifts!

January  --  Gloves!  --  Always wanted the challenge of knitting gloves but never had the nerve to try?  We have your back!  January will see us teaching the fine art of knitted gloves using worsted weight wool (or yarn) and either double-points or circulars for magic loops.  Class materials will cost approximately $18 and the class fee of $25.

Continuing Events:

Sit ‘n Stitch:  Every Wednesday afternoon, from 1 until 3.  Bring your latest project and join us for some stitching, questions answered, tea, and lots of laughter.  Everyone is welcome!  

Saturday Stitching:  Every Saturday, from 2 until 4.  What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with friends both new and old, some handwork, and some tea?  

Knitting Night:  Every Thursday, from 7 until 9.  Although it’s called Knitting Night, crocheters are encouraged and welcomed.  There is plenty of friendship, tea, and yummy goodies for all.